We delivered a Haitian Baby!

In Haiti, you can always expect the unexpected. Our team was camping in Port-Au-Prince’s largest tent city, Cité Soleil when our contact’s wife started having contractions.  Members of our team who had taken the healthcare class during our training supported the mother not knowing what was going to happen next. Around 4:45 PM, the baby decided it was time to enter into the world. With only one hour of training, all the healthcare girls remembered was, “in the unlikely event that you need to deliver a baby, remember to sanitize everything and keep a clean delivery room”

What’s crazy is that our team was going to head back to Mount Rouis (2 hours away) but the truck never showed up. If we had left, the baby would have been delivered on top of a moving truck.

What’s even more interesting is that the night before, 13 of us crammed into a 5 person tent with all our luggage and shoes (we had take everything in because it started to rain)…

To give everyone more room, Melina and I decided to make our bed by putting a piece of wood on top of some rocks and then covering it with a tarp. It had a nice bounce to it.

Little did we know that we were actually preparing the bed for the mother who had just gone into labour the moment we put the last rock underneath the plank of wood. Talk about perfect timing! We even had a pillow ready for her to rest her head.

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